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In my php file im using the following,

$obj = ($_POST['data']);

And i see this result. Is this the correct format? and how do i access the array.

eg, set a new variable $newID the same as row1 id

array(4) {
  string(92) "{"id":"157","name":"123","basic":"123123123","submitter":"Keith","status":"review"}"
  string(169) "{"id":"158","name":"TEST RESOURCE","basic":"Please state the type of work.","submitter":"Keith","status":"review"}"
  string(107) "{"id":"159","name":"TEST OTHER","basic":"testing for other","submitter":"Keith","status":"review"}"
  string(160) "{"id":"160","name":"Name","basic":"type of work","submitter":"Keith","status":"review"}"

heres whats in POST in firebug

data    {"row0":"{\"id\":\"157\",\"name\":\"123\",\"basic\":\"123123123\",\"submitter\":\"Keith\",\"status\":\"review\"}","row1":"{\"id\":\"158\",\"name\":\"TEST RESOURCE\",\"basic\":\"Please state the type of work.\",\"submitter\":\"Keith\",\"status\":\"review\"}","row2":"{\"id\":\"159\",\"name\":\"TEST OTHER\",\"basic\":\"testing for other\",\"submitter\":\"Keith\",\"status\":\"review\"}","row3":"{\"id\":\"160\",\"name\":\"Name\",\"basic\":\"type of work\",\"submitter\":\"Keith\",\"status\":\"review\"}"} 
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Can you post the original JSON-string you are getting? –  Sirko Feb 6 '13 at 10:31
updated with what post data i have –  KeithC Feb 6 '13 at 10:41

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Each "row" of the array is another JSON string. It seems like the data was double-encoded, like:

$array = json_encode(
        'row0' => json_encode(array('id' => '157', ...)),

This is incorrectly encoded data, unless you wanted JSON objects inside JSON objects. To work with it, you need to json_decode each individual item again. Better though: fix the encoding step.

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Yes each json object is another jsonobject. Try something like : $result = array(); $var = json_decode($obj,true); foreach ($var as $k=>$v) $result[$k]=json_decode($v,true); –  dagfr Feb 6 '13 at 11:01

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