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I connected to a mysql database using python con = _mysql.connect('localhost', 'dell-pc', '', 'test') The program that I wrote takes a lot of time in full execution i.e. around 10 hours. Actually, I am trying to read distinct words from a corpus. After reading was finished there was a timeout error.

I checked Mysql default timeouts which were:

| Variable_name              | Value    |
| connect_timeout            | 10       |
| delayed_insert_timeout     | 300      |
| innodb_lock_wait_timeout   | 50       |
| innodb_rollback_on_timeout | OFF      |
| interactive_timeout        | 28800    |
| lock_wait_timeout          | 31536000 |
| net_read_timeout           | 30       |
| net_write_timeout          | 60       |
| slave_net_timeout          | 3600     |
| wait_timeout               | 28800    |

How can I change the default timeout ?

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You change default value in MySQL configuration file (option connect_timeout in mysqld section) -


If this file is not accessible for you, then you can set this value using this statement -

SET GLOBAL connect_timeout=100;
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Also there are two other timeouts too which are configurable by above methods; wait_timeout & interactive_timeout. For detailed information check link; rackspace.com/knowledge_center/article/… –  Onur Yılmaz Oct 19 '13 at 16:43

You should better use the Persistent database connection, use the p prefix in the hostname.


$conn = new mysqli("p:localhost", "username", "password", "database");

More info: http://www.php.net/manual/en/mysqli.persistconns.php

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That's not going to be all that useful in Python, and it only enables connection pooling in the PHP client. It doesn't change how long connections may be left open. –  David Harkness May 28 '14 at 21:59


con.query('SET GLOBAL connect_timeout=28800')
con.query('SET GLOBAL wait_timeout=28800')
con.query('SET GLOBAL interactive_timeout=28800')
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open phpmyadmin>setting>Feature then incress "Login cookie validity" by default its 1440 second

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