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I am updating OS of my Samsung galaxy tab p1000 (i.e. 2.2) to 2.3.6 using adb command. I am using below steps:

First, I am checking whether device is connected or not using ADB.

STEP 1 : C:\Users\PC>adb devices List of devices attached S6802084d305f device

Second, I have 2.3.6 (i.e. OS which I am pushing to sdcard.

STEP 2: C:\Users\PC>adb push C:\Android\ /sdcard/ 2765 KB/s (2260360 bytes in 0.798s)

Third, After pushing zip folder to sdcard , I am taking device to recovery mode using below ADB command. STEP 3 C:\Users\PC>adb reboot recovery

Image 1

After selecting "Apply " , getting beloew screen.But It shows me for long time.There is no response getting from device.We waited for 5 hours. No response. What can be solution to flash my samsung galaxy tab. Let me know if i am missing any step.

Image 2

Thanking you,

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maybe ask this on – Colin Pickard Feb 6 '13 at 11:00
Thank you Colin, – Prashanth Feb 6 '13 at 11:12

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