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I'm developing a web page with a Google Maps element and a jquery UI accordion/tab based sidebar. Everything is working pretty well in most modern browsers, but I've had several problems with IE7. The web page is hosted here:

There's a lot going on in the page; normally I'd try to create a jsfiddle, but I haven't been able to get that site working in IE7. I've already employed numerous IE7-specific hacks, and now things are looking a lot better. However, I've still got some issues.

My sidebar consists of a jquery UI accordion with 2 elements. In the second element is a jquery UI tab control, and inside each tab are several <div> elements. It's these elements that aren't behaving correctly in IE7 (shown left) vs Chrome (shown right).

ie7 vs. chrome page rendering

First of all, I've got a CSS rule that should be hiding the headers for these elements (the "Safe Medicine Disposal Drop Off Location" text):

<h3 class="map-popup-header>Safe Medicine Disposal Drop Off Location</h3>


.poi-holder .map-popup-header {
    display: none;

But IE7 doesn't apply that rule. Second, IE7 hides the content that should be there (the F12 tools show that the elements are in the DOM, but have a height of 0).

Any help would be appreciated, as well as advice on some next steps to try.

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It turns out there were multiple problems with the code. First, IE7 requires tables to include <tbody> elements when creating content dynamically. Therefore, the following code doesn't work without the commented line.

var infoTable = document.createElement('table');
var infoTbody = document.createElement('tbody'); //required for IE7!!
var infoTr = document.createElement('tr');
var infoTextTd = document.createElement('td');
var infoPhotoTd = document.createElement('td');

Second, IE7 won't apply CSS rules to dynamically generated content given class attributes using element.setAttribute('class', className). It requires the use of element.className = className.

var header = document.createElement('h3');
header.className = 'map-popup-header'; //works as expected in IE7
var header = document.createElement('h3');
header.setAttribute('class','map-popup-header'); //doesn't work in IE7

Hope this answer can help someone else!

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