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I was thinking to use GWAN web server however the website seems tricky for a novice user :P Please tell me how would i be able to host an instance of phpBB with GWAN if possible :D

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All PHP software won't work out of the box ... You'll need to fix issues step by step... By example, you'll have to create $_GET or $_POST variables, etc... My point of view is that you cran create new software from scratch ... but existing one won't simply work out of the box –  solisoft Feb 6 '13 at 14:00

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Considering that:

  1. G-WAN works out the the box, without any configuration file, try that with other aplication servers

  2. phpBB is an Apache+PHP application designed for Apache with proprietary Apache configuration files

  3. you are asking how to run an application designed for one app. server "as is" on another application server.

Would you ask why an application designed for IIS does not work "as is" on GlassFish?

In a mere 3.5 years, G-WAN managed to support 15 programming languages: asm C C++ C# D Go Java Javascript Lua Objective-C/C++ Perl PHP Python Ruby and Scala.

Other application servers usually support one single language to (and those who do more usually do it by relying on the Java or on the CLR virtual machines).

G-WAN can use both - and on the top of that, for greater performance, it supports other native runtimes like... PHP.

You could contribute in your own area of expertise to port PHP applications - or find people that can do it.

But that's not a problem that can be resolved in 15 lines of text on a Q&A site.

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I have bookmarked GWAN but I think i will go for Varnish or Cherokee instead as there is already documentation as to how to make it work. –  user2046556 Feb 8 '13 at 2:35
You say that like if Varnish (a cache server) or Cherokee (a Web server rather than an app. server) provided the same features, which is not the case. That behavior looks like promotional junk. –  Gil Feb 8 '13 at 14:34

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