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I had function to reset preferences

it looked like this

Editor editor = settings.edit();
PreferenceManager.setDefaultValues(Prefs.this, R.xml.preferences, true);

now I can clear the settings with editor.clear(); But I do not know how to set the default values , because I do not have one preferences.xml file, I started to use headers and preferences fragment like this http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/settings.html#Fragment and I do not have one preferences.xml file ,I have 3 files for each fragment...

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If I understand you correctly, you're using fragments as the method of displaying preferences. Maybe because you're using two-pane preferences layout. However, this only means that you display them that way.

Yes, you have 3 XML files, each containing preferences for each fragment. But you could have such 3 files even if you haven't used fragments. Suppose your preference files are named R.xml.pref1, R.xml.pref2 and R.xml.pref3. You reset preferences just like before, you just have to do that for each preference file. So, simply call:

PreferenceManager.setDefaultValues(Prefs.this, R.xml.pref1, true);
PreferenceManager.setDefaultValues(Prefs.this, R.xml.pref2, true);
PreferenceManager.setDefaultValues(Prefs.this, R.xml.pref3, true);

And you're done. Of course, you could reset just the preferences from a particular file.

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