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I added the BasicCategoryListActivity module to my mobile app in order to show my store categories.

I'm trying to create a tab for category navigation through my store: show primary categories and only when they are tapped on, show the subcategories.

Instead, what I got is a very long list of the categories in my store - both primary, subcategories, everything... How do I hide all the categories I don't want from the list?

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By default, the categories that are displayed in the list are unfiltered. This means that every category in the store should show up - so this is behaving as it should.

What you probably want to add is a filter to the category list.

Add a filter using the Filter property of the category list. If you only want the root categories (your primary store categories), a filter on the category ParentId is probably the most appropriate. Use the root category id as the value for this filter. If you're unsure what your root category id is, just leave it empty.

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