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If User select any color from colorpicker then should be able to apply it to a text or different shapes in a same activity or screen in android.

In my screen, shapes and color picker is there . By using onTouch event, i could be able to draw different shapes . Also i can write anything on a screen. In my app, color picker works fine.

At first- if i draw triangle and write some text like meena. then applied blue color from color picker . it works fine

At second- In the same screen (below the text "meena") i clicked rose color from color picker and chose different shapes like rectangle and i wrote a word apple. i have already opted for rose color this time.

So from first and second step, the whole different shapes and words are applied in a rose color .

My Question is, how can user choose a different colors from color picker and can write a text or draw different shapes in different color in the touch screen using touch event in a same activity or screen? So, in the entire screen different colors could be find.

But, my problem is, in the entire screen only one color has applied.

I wana apply colors from the color picker to the text in the same screen or activity like this. See above image for reference.

ANy help or suggestions would be highly appreciated, thanks !

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You need you use paint and change the paint color as picked by color picker and invalidate the code like this

public class DrawPaint extends View{ Paint textPaint = new Paint(); Paint circlePaint = new Paint();

public DrawPaint(Context context){
    //set default colors for them 

protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas){
    canvas.drawText("mu text " , 0 , 0 , textPaint);
    canvas.drawCircle(10 , 10 , 20 , circlePaint);

public void changeTextColor(int color){

public void changeCircleColor(int color){

get the reference of this view and when you get color from color picker call changeColor method

or Here is working solution Finger-Paint

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public void colorChanged(int color) { PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this).edit().putInt(COLOR_PREFEREN‌​CE_KEY, color).commit(); mPaint.setColor(color); } I have done already. Kindly see the image and my Question again @Vipin ! – Meena Rengarajan - blueGem Feb 6 '13 at 11:56
Ok I got it . Post your code I don't have any working example for that . might u may missing a bit only – Vipinhelloindia Feb 6 '13 at 12:01
Solution Finger-Pain not found yaar.. @Vipin – Meena Rengarajan - blueGem Feb 7 '13 at 5:02
the link was wrong ....now see it ........ – Vipinhelloindia Feb 7 '13 at 9:42

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