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I know this has been asked and answered multiple times but I'm tearing my hair out as none of the proposed solutions appears to work.

enter image description here

I receive the above error, despite having a valid provisioning profile which, as far as I can tell matches the bundle identifier:

enter image description here

I've followed the steps in various suggested solutions on this site, including deleting all existing certificates and starting again, as suggested here and here.

One thing I have noticed is that the profile doesn't show up in the code signing lists, either for target or project.

Can anyone offer any further suggestions?

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This happened to me yesterday. What happened was that when I added the device Xcode included it in the wrong profile by default. This is easier to fix now that Apple has updated the provisioning portal:

  1. Log in to developer.apple.com/ios and click Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
  2. Click devices and make sure that the device in question is listed
  3. Click provisioning profiles > All and select the one you want to use
  4. Click the edit button
  5. You will see another devices list which also has a label which will probably say "3 of 4 devices selected" or something of that nature.
  6. Check the select all box or scroll through the list and check the device. If your device was unchecked, this is your problem.
  7. Click "Generate"
  8. DON'T hit Download & Install – while this will work it's likely to screw up your project file if you've already installed the provisioning profile (see this question for more info).
  9. Open Xcode, open the Organizer, switch to the Devices tab, and hit the Refresh button in the lower right corner. This will pull in the changes to the provisioning profile.

Now it should work.

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Noted, thank you. –  Robert May 2 '13 at 23:36
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Xcode5 has broken this again (congratulations to Apple for failing to bother testing one of their buggiest bits of code. Again).

A new way to break/fix it:

If you have:

  1. An old profile on your device (team profile, or non-team profile)
  2. A new profile generated automatically on the App Store, by any copy of Xcode5, even if it's simply an update to the profile you already had
  3. (NB: if any colleague adds themself to the profile, this triggers the above "change")
  4. You use the new "Accounts" dialog to download profiles (NB: this is now REQUIRED by Apple for various situations - all other approaches, including manual download, appear to be unsupported. Even though the Apple Developer site TELLS YOU TO MANUALLY DOWNLOAD! Don't do it! It breaks Xcode5!)
  5. Xcode5 will INCORRECTLY hide AND RENAME that profile in the drop-down selector in Build Settings
  6. (I detest this drop-down. Some idiot at Apple keeps removing information from it, and someone else keeps adding it back, it flip-flops between Xcode point releases. WHY??!?!)
  7. There is NO WAY you can select the correct profile - whatever you select, Xcode5 will use the wrong one

The solution is easy enough. The "Apple engineering are lazy" solution:

  1. Go to Xcode5 -> Window -> Organizer -> Devices
  2. Select your device
  3. Select provisioning profiles
  4. Delete everything relating to your current project and/or Team (even other projects, if necessary - they can all be downloaded later if still needed!)
  5. Re-build.
  6. You should get an error from Xcode5 that the profile doesn't exist. Even though you manually had seleted the profile that was ALREADY PRESENT on your machine (yep - that dropdown is buggy again. It lies about the profile it selects behind the scenes!)
  7. In the profile selector, select the "real" profile
  8. Build, run - success!
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If none of above stated works then check for your device date, make sure your device date doesn't exceed profile expiry date i.e. not set to far future.

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Changing device date works for me. Thansk –  Uttam Kadam Feb 24 at 9:37
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