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I have layout like:

HorizontalScrollView 1
-------HorizontalScrollView 2

Reason for this, is that HorizontalScrollView number 2 handles user touch, and if scrollX is certain, HorizontalScrollView1 gets scrollTo called.

This call is causing HorizontalScrollView 2 onTouch event called, with translated event X value, which causes flickering when scrolling HorizontalScrollView2

Is there some clear solution how to prevent this or some hack?

The output for HorizontalScrollView2 touch event x behaves like: 444, 435, 444, 435, 436, 445, 437, 446. And that pops onScrollChanged which calls HorizontalScrollView1 to scroll and so on.


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I got the flickering away by translating HorizontalScrollView 2 onTouch event X position the amount HorizontalScrollView1 gets scrolled by it.

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