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I have a set of tables with data in one user schema. I want a copy of those to another user.

Can this be done with SQL?


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Are the 2 schema on the same database? –  GeorgeVremescu Feb 6 '13 at 11:26
Yes they are in the same database. –  bukko Feb 6 '13 at 11:44

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If the two users are on the same database, and provided sufficient GRANTS are present, then just run the below statement in the new user schema:

create table <tablename> as select * from olduser.<tablename>;


Copy the below set of statements in a text file. Replace <oldueser> with the existing schema name and <path> with a path in the unix/windows machine where you want the spool to be written. Run this file in the existing schema. A spool file will be written in the path specified with the name tbls.sql. Take this tbls.sql and run it in the new schema, where you want the tables to be replicated.

set head off
set line 100000
set line 100000
set feedback off
spool <path>/tbls.sql
FROM user_tables; 
spool off
set feedback on
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Is there a way to do this for ALL tables within the schema without typing them individually? –  bukko Feb 6 '13 at 11:44
@bukko Updated the answer. Please try and let me know. –  Orangecrush Feb 6 '13 at 11:59

create schema2.tablename as select * from schema1.tablename

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Yes you can by using export command in command prompt i.e.

c:\>exp userid=userid(sql admin)/password owner=username(from which user) direct=y file=filename.dmp

to import this by using

c:\>imp userid=userid(sql admin)/password file=filename.dmp fromuser=username(from which user) touser=username(imported username)

by using this you have to export data into a dump file and after taht import it into another user

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  1. You can export the first schema and import in the second schema - I would go for this if there are not any reasons preventing you to do that. Documentation is here.

  2. Provided you have access grants, you can write a small script to do that for you. You can select all your source user's tables using the query:

    SELECT table_name FROM all_tables WHERE owner = <source_schema>

Loop through all of them and create the new tables by using execute immediate. (Documentation here)

execute immediate 'create <dest>.<tablename> as select * from <source>.<tablename>';

dest and source are the name of the schema. tablename is the name of the table as taken from the loop.

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May be "CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT" will be useful for you?

See docs

Here is a good article

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