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I need to change the following piece of code in shell to tcl. Please help.

if (` expr $_f : proj_lp_ ` == 8) then

I need the tcl equivalent of the condition inside the if condition.


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See the expr manual page where is states:

          anchored pattern match of REGEXP in STRING

So your _f variable holds a string and you are comparing it with the litteral proj_lp_. The result is the length of the match. In tcl code that could be if {[regexp {^proj_lp_} $_f]} { ...} as you only care if it matches. You could also just use if {[string match "proj_lp_*" $_f]} {...}. The expr(1) page says this is an anchored regexp -- hence adding the caret. Both the examples I have given will only match at the start of the input string (ie: they are anchored).

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Thanku very much! –  user2046535 Feb 7 '13 at 4:38

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