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Here is my code below, how can I make the if return true as it currently skips over the if statement because of the string values has a space in it.

string instrucType = "FM";
string tenInstrucType = "FM ";
if (tenInstrucType.Equals(instrucType))
    blLandlordContactNumberHeader.Visible = true;
    lblLandlordContactNumber.Text = landlordData.LandlordContact.DefPhone;
    lblLandlordEmailHeader.Visible = true;
    lblLandlordEmail.Text = landlordData.LandlordContact.DefEmail;
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Use the Trim function:

if (tenInstrucType.Trim().Equals(instrucType.Trim()))

This will only trim from the ends though. If there is a possibility of a space in the middle, use the Replace.

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If whitespace is only located on the end of string, trim both strings:

    if (tenInstrucType.Trim().Equals(instrucType.Trim()))

If you want to ignore all white space characters, you could remove them from string:

string normalized1 = Regex.Replace(tenInstrucType, @"\s", "");
string normalized2 = Regex.Replace(instrucType, @"\s", "");

if(normalized1 == normalized2){ // note: you may use == and Equals(), as you like
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Try this condition:

if (tenInstrucType.Replace(" ",string.Empty).Equals(instrucType.Replace(" ",string.Empty))
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Trim the strings:

if (tenInstrucType.Trim().Equals(instrucType.Trim()))
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if (tenInstrucType.Replace(" ","").Equals(instrucType.Replace(" ","")))

using Trim may seem proper for this case, but note that Trim only removes leading or ending spaces; inner spaces are not removed.

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