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I need to call this URL: https://login.skype.com/json/validator?new_username=name.surname

I obtain a json file format. I need only to take the element associated to tag "status". For the above link is "status":406, so I need the value 406. What is the most simple way for implementing a parser that get only this element?

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Simplest way to do it for this particular situation is

JSONObject obj=new JSONObject(myJSONString);
String status=obj.getString("status");

You'll have to handle the JSONException incase the tag "status" isn't found.

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You can retrieve them using JSONObject. This is a very simple example, and only parses the id out of one node:

JSONObject object = new JSONObject(myJsonString);     
JSONObject nodes = object.getJSONObject("nodes");
JSONObject zero = nodes.getJSONObject("0");
JSONObject myNode = zero.getJSONObject("node");
String id myNode = myNode.getString("id");
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Have you got this response as a string yet? That is your first step but as you are asking for a parser I assume youve done this. If so the rest is easy:

String jsonString = parsedString; //The downloaded JSON String
JSONObject firstObj = new JSONObject(parsedString);
String status = firstObj.getString("status");
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