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what is javax.validation.* package in java ee , how to use this with JPA 2.0 ? i want to validate my Enity with @NotNull annotation . my JPA implementation is Hibernate :

public class Employee implements Serializable , EmployeeDetail {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    private int id;

    private String name;

    private long salary;
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Bean Validation Api: – Adrian Feb 6 '13 at 12:37
@Adrian repost as an answer – ftr Feb 6 '13 at 12:38
@Adrian Ensure you summarise the contents of the link if you post an answer. – Duncan Feb 6 '13 at 12:39
if this is bean validation , then how to use with JPA 2.0 ? – Harmeet Singh Taara Feb 6 '13 at 12:40
@Harmeet Singh JPA 2 just supports Bean Validation out of the box. – Adrian Feb 6 '13 at 12:43

Using the Bean Validation Api you can quite easy ensure standard validation (not null, patterns, email) on your entities (or beans in common).

Check out Oracles tutorials for Bean Validation Api:

Also Hibernate should be no problem with this, as it is the reference implementation:

For a good introduction check Hibernates tutorial on this topic:

Some other tutorials (Google for JPA 2 + Bean Validation)

JSR specifications…

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where i find the example to implement validation with JPA 2.0 ? – Harmeet Singh Taara Feb 6 '13 at 13:08
@Harmeet Singh Check the introduction over at Hibernate. For the beginning you can simple add the included annotations on your entities. – Adrian Feb 6 '13 at 13:25

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