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I am using Play Framework 1.2.5. I have a couple of validations related to NAme and Age field. The Age validation is not working properly. Even if the age is greater than 18, I am getting the error message.

Below is the validation code in action method:

Error nameError = validation.required(txtName).error;
    Error ageError = validation.required(txtAge).error;
    Error minAgeError = validation.min(txtAge,18).error;

        System.out.println(nameError.message("Customer Name"));

        System.out.println(ageError.message("Customer Age"));

        System.out.println(minAgeError.message("Minimun Age"));

Below is the messages fiule entries:

validation.required=%s is required
validation.min=%s cannot be lower than %2$d

How to make it work? No able to figure what am I misisng over here :(

Please help.

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You are not using the validation logic according to the documentation. Try this instead:

public static void hello(String txtName, Integer txtAge) {
     validation.min(txtAge, 18);

     if(validation.hasErrors()) {
         for(Error error : validation.errors()) {
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Thanks for this post, it works fine. how to make the one which I posted work? I am not able to figure out what am I missing there –  WhoAmI Feb 6 '13 at 13:21

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