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How do I select on an encrypted variable with Slick.

I have a BCrypt encoded password in my database.

To Illustrate my intentions:

def login(name: String, password: String) = Action {
  for {
    u <- Users if === name && BCrypt.checkpw(password, u.password)
  } yield u

Of course slick complains about u.password being a lifted column and not a String.

How would you go about to solve the problem?

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2 Answers 2

Actually I managed to solve my problem.

  def login(name: String, password: String) = Action {
    database withSession {
      (for {
        u <- Users if === name 
      } yield u).list
    } match {
      case Nil => Ok("No user found")
      case head :: tail => 
        if(BCrypt.checkpw(password, head.password))
          Ok("accepted").withSession("userid" ->
          Ok("Incorrect password")
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I had the same question but in a Model class.

Since your solution inspired mine, I'll post it here hoping it can help.

def authenticate(email: String, password: String): Future[Option[User]] = {
    Users.filter{ === email}.result.headOption
  } map {
    case Some(u) if BCrypt.checkpw(password, u.password) => Some(u)
    case _ => None
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