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I'm new in node.js and Jade.

I searched for solutions without success (maybe I asked wrong questions in google, I don't know).

I want to create table rows in each loop in Jade. The thing is that after every 3rd td I want insert new tr. Normally it's quite simple but with Jade I simply can't achieve that.

My Jade file:

            td Header
        each item, i in items
            if (i % 3 === 0)

I know that something is wrong with my if statement. I tried many configurations without luck. I'm sure that it will be quite easy issue.

Thanks in advance for help!


Based on @Laurent Perrin answer I modified a little my code. Now it creates tr, then 3 td and then new tr so it's a little closer...

New Jade

if (i % 3 === 0)
td: a(href="#{baseUrl}/admin.html?id=#{item.id}") dsdsd #{i}

Generated HTML

<td><a href="...">0</a></td>
<td><a href="...">1</a></td>
<td><a href="...">2</a></td>
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EDIT: this code should do what you want, but it's not very elegant:

     tr: td Header
        - for(var i = 0, nbRows = items.length/3; i < nbRows; i++) {
           if items[3*i]
             td: a(href="#{baseUrl}/admin.html?id=#{items[3*i].id}")
           if items[3*i + 1]
             td: a(href="#{baseUrl}/admin.html?id=#{items[3*i + 1].id}")
           if items[3*i + 2]
             td: a(href="#{baseUrl}/admin.html?id=#{items[3*i + 2].id}")
       - }

What you could do instead is tweak your model to make it more Jade-friendly, by grouping items by rows:

function getRows(items) {
    return items.reduce(function (prev, item, i) {
        if(i % 3 === 0)
            prev[prev.length - 1].push(item);

        return prev;
    }, []);

This will turn:




Then your jade code becomes much simpler:

         tr: td Header
        each row in rows
                each item in row
                    td: a(href="#{baseUrl}/admin.html?id=#{item.id}")
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This code create only thirds tr- first tr, then third, then sixth etc. What I want is create first tr and then 3 td in that tr. After 3 td new tr and another 3 td and so on. –  Rob Feb 7 '13 at 7:20
I edited my question. Now it is a little closer to what I want achieve. –  Rob Feb 7 '13 at 7:31
Thanks a lot, that works! It is really tricky to achieve so simple task. Thanks for Your time! –  Rob Feb 7 '13 at 9:17
I found a more elegant solution, tell me if it helps. –  Laurent Perrin Feb 7 '13 at 9:18
Oh I see. In Jade better way is to prepare data to correct display and then send to view. In PHP for example simple if statement in view would do the trick. Your newest version works fine and looks pretty :) Thanks! –  Rob Feb 7 '13 at 9:25

An example of jade + bootstrap, each 4 elements(columns) one row, and the rows goes inside the row.


- var i = 0
- var itens_per_line = 4
each order in viewBag.orders
    - if (i % itens_per_line === 0 || i === 0) {
    - }

                p #{order.number}
        - i++


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