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Iam working on a rails application hosted on heroku and trying to unzip files. Iam storing zipfile using paperclip on amazon s3.


class ZipFile < ActiveRecord::Base
   has_attached_file :attachment, {}.merge(PAPERCLIP_STORAGE_OPTIONS)

My files are successfully getting stored on amazon. when I open the attachment url in browser it downloads the zip file. But in my console when I try to unzipfile it gives me the error:

u = ZipFile.last.attachment.url

I get the error:

Zip::ZipError: File #{file_url} not found

I also used the zipfile.attachment.path to access the file but it returns the same error.

What is the issue? Please help.

Many thanks.

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Having the same issue.. –  Trip Nov 8 '13 at 15:24

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