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I want to verify if file/folder exists on my CI system (not system folder), can i do it from controller or I need create a method on my model to do it?

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It's basically a matter of choice. You can define your function in both your model and controller. But if you want to use it over and over from different controllers, then better define a new model and put that function in it. I'd define model which is to be used by many controllers that is having some common-general methods. Just to keep things apart and maintaining them later. Helpers are also a way to keep things separate.

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You have got many way for this :

  • You can create an helper and put your function like verify()
  • You can create a private function into your controller like

    private function _verify() { }

enjoy !

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Best to add this function in a codeigniter helper or in a library class(if you are fan of OOP). Load this automatically with autoload.php and call from wherever you need it.

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