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I would like to create a simple WS02 facade what offers a RESTful endpoint and forwards to a second RESTful (ie not SOAP) end point. I would need to transform the endpoint address as well as add a version portion to the URI that will be obtained from the HTTP header of the original request.

How do I best do this?

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You can do this using the REST API functionality of WSO2 ESB. You can find a sample for exposing a REST backend service over a different REST Api from the resource available at [1].

You can use REST_URL_POSTFIX property to add version portion dynamically to the endpoint URL. Following is a sample config of setting REST_URL_POSTFIX property.

<property name="REST_URL_POSTFIX" expression="fn:concat('/version/',$trp:HEADER_NAME_HERE)" scope="axis2"/>

[1] http://docs.wso2.org/wiki/display/ESB460/Using+the+REST+API#UsingtheRESTAPI-ExposingaBack-EndRESTServiceUsingaDifferentAPI

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