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In my silverlight application I have a section like this:

<HyperlinkButton Content="{Binding MediaFile.FileName}" 
 NavigateUri="{Binding ., Converter={StaticResource MediaFileToFullPathConverter}}" 
 Style="{StaticResource HyperLinkButtonStyle}"/>

For testing purposes I use local navigation paths to the ui (C:\blabla\file.txt). In my real world scenario I will provide NAS links (\PcX\file.txt).

However when I click on the C:\blabla\file.txt I get an UnauthorizedAccessException error. When the link is url it is invoked perfectly (opening a window and loading a page as a harm). Finally, when I write C:\blabla\file.txt in browser's address bar, the file is accessed perfectly.

Is silverlight so much isolated that it cannot trigger a new window with the address of a local file?

Do you have any clue?

Thx, Aggelos

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I'm gonna go with "yes it is", but it looks like you might be able to work around it with the EnableNavigation property: (look at the Note)

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