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In facebook, we can specify a web page url and add comments to it, or fetch comments for it, with the Graph API.

Later we can fetch the comments for the page, using a sample code, and display them on my page, as a widget, using a javascript code.

Similarly, is it possible to setup comments for a web page virtually using google plus, and display them with a code, using the API ? I came across google plus client library for php, but not sure about how to achieve what i wanted, with it.

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Currently there is no public write API for Google+ or a way to bi-directionally integrate Google+ comments with an outside web page.

You can incorporate comments from a Google+ post onto your static page. Here are a couple of resources that can illustrate how:

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I followed the code from… – user1494459 Aug 7 '14 at 16:16
but my comments do not load ... – user1494459 Aug 7 '14 at 16:17
@MariaMeh - I would suggest you start a new question on SO asking your question specifically, giving the code you're using (minus any secret keys), and any errors it is returning. Trying to help you this way will be extremely difficult. – Prisoner Aug 7 '14 at 17:28

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