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I need to install propel_generator version 1.3.5 on my machine. I tried to install it using PEAR via:

pear install propel/propel_generator-1.3.5

but it failed with the following message:

Failed to download propel/propel_generator, version "1.3.5", latest release is version 1.6.7, stability "stable", use "channel://" to install
install failed

Following this answer I checked and the earliest version of propel_generator that is available for install via PEAR from there is version 1.3.0 and the next to follow is 1.4.0 with no 1.3.5 in between.

Is there a way to install propel_generator version 1.3.5 using PEAR or any other way?

I can't even find the source code for the 1.3.5 generator.

PS: The generator is being used by a legacy system so upgrading isn't really an option.

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If it's not there I'm not sure you going to find it on an "official" channel. You may want to post a message in the google group and see if anyone has it and can post it for you to download. – jakerella Feb 6 '13 at 15:07
But why do you want so much the 1.3.5 version? – j0k Feb 7 '13 at 8:59
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There was never an official release of 1.3.5, see the list of tags at - you won't get that version from anywhere.

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