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Over 2 weeks, I've struggled to call one of the METIS library written in C from my fortran code. And, unfortunately, It doesn't seem to be a HAPPY END without your help. I found some posts about direct calling and using interface. I prefer the latter because I could monitor the variables for debugging. There are three codes I attached.

1. c function I'd like to use
2. fortran interface module
3. fortran program

(1) c function

int METIS_PartMeshNodal(idx_t *ne, idx_t *nn, idx_t *eptr, idx_t *eind, 
      idx_t *vwgt, idx_t *vsize, idx_t *nparts, real_t *tpwgts, 
      idx_t *options, idx_t *objval, idx_t *epart, idx_t *npart)

I removed the c funciton body. It's not necessary to understand my problem

Here, idx_t is integer and real_t is single or double precision. From ne to options are input and last three arguments are output. And vwgt, vsize, tpwgts and options can receive null as an input for default setting I wrote the interface module for using c function like this

(2) Fortran interface module


  1. Insert use iso_c_bind under use constants
  2. Use integer(c_int) instead of integer for ne, nn and other variables.
  3. Remove unused module constants


module Calling_METIS

  !use constants,  only : p2 !this is for double precision
  use iso_c_bind            !inserted later

  implicit none

  !integer                                    :: ne, nn              !modified
  integer(c_int)                              :: ne, nn 
  !integer,  dimension(:), allocatable        :: eptr, eind          !modified
  integer(c_int),  dimension(:), allocatable  :: eptr, eind
  !integer,  dimension(:), allocatable        :: vwgt, vsize         !modified
  type(c_ptr)                                 :: vwgt, vsize         
  !integer                                    :: nparts              !modified
  integer(c_int)                              :: nparts
  !real(p2), dimension(:), allocatable        :: tpwgts              !modified 
  type(c_ptr)                                 :: tpwgts      
  !integer,  dimension(0:39)                  :: opts                !modified
  integer(c_int),  dimension(0:39)            :: opts        
  !integer                                    :: objval              !modified
  integer(c_int)                              :: objval
  !integer,  dimension(:), allocatable        :: epart, npart        !modified 
  integer(c_int),  dimension(:), allocatable  :: epart, npart 

    subroutine METIS_PartMeshNodal( ne, nn, eptr, eind, vwgt, vsize, nparts, tpwgt, &
                                    opts, objval, epart, npart) bind(c)
      use intrinsic        :: iso_c_binding
      !use constants,  only  : p2

      implicit none

      integer (c_int),                  intent(in)  :: ne, nn
      integer (c_int), dimension(*),    intent(in)  :: eptr, eind
      !integer (c_int), dimension(*),    intent(in) :: vwgt, vsize  !modified
      type(c_ptr),                          value   :: vwgt, vsize   
      integer (c_int),                  intent(in)  :: nparts
      !real(c_double),  dimension(*),    intent(in) :: tpwgt        !modified
      type(c_ptr),                          value   :: tpwgt
      integer (c_int), dimension(0:39), intent(in)  :: opts
      integer (c_int),                  intent(out) :: objval
      integer (c_int), dimension(*),    intent(out) :: epart
      integer (c_int), dimension(*),    intent(out) :: npart

    end subroutine METIS_PartMeshNodal  
  end interface
end module

And here is my program code calling the function

(3) Fortran program


  1. allocation size of npart is fixed. Not ne but nn
  2. opts(7)=1 is added to get Fortran-style array of epart, npart(no effect until now)


program METIS_call_test

 !some 'use' statments
 use Calling_METIS
 use iso_c_binging         !added

 implicit none

 ! Local variable
 integer         :: iC
 character(80)   :: grid_file !grid_file

 grid_file = 'test.grid'

 ! (1) Read grid files
 call read_grid(grid_file)

 ! (2) Construction Input Data for calling METIS Function
 ! # of cells, vertices
 ne = ncells
 nn = nvtxs

 ! eptr, eind allocation 
 allocate(eptr(0:ne), eind(0:3*ntria + 4*nquad - 1))

 ! eptr and eind building
 eptr(0) = 0
 do iC=1, ncells
   eptr(iC) = eptr(iC-1) + cell(iC)%nvtxs
   eind(eptr(iC-1):eptr(iC)-1) = cell(iC)%vtx
 end do

 ! epart, npart building
 !allocate(epart(ne), npart(ne))
 allocate(epart(ne), npart(nn))   ! modified

 ! # of partition setting
 nparts = 2
 vwgt   = c_null_ptr    !added
 vsize  = c_null_ptr    !added
 tpwgt  = c_null_ptr    !added     

 ! (3) Call METIS_PartMeshNodal
 call METIS_SetDefaultOptions(opts)

 opts(7) = 1                      !Added. For fortran style output array epart, npart. 

 call METIS_PartMeshNodal(ne, nn, eptr, eind, vwgt, vsize, nparts, tpwgt, &
                           opts, objval, epart, npart)
 !call METIS_PartMeshNodal(ne, nn, eptr, eind, null(), null(), nparts, null(), &
 !                         opts, objval, epart, npart)         !wrong...

end program

But the problem is that I get an error message as below though I put null for tpwgt.

Input Error: Inorrect sum of 0.000000 for tpwgts for constraint 0.

And this message is handled in the code below.

for (i=0; i<ctrl->ncon; i++) {
    sum = rsum(ctrl->nparts, ctrl->tpwgts+i, ctrl->ncon);
    if (sum < 0.99 || sum > 1.01) {
      IFSET(dbglvl, METIS_DBG_INFO, 
          printf("Input Error: Incorrect sum of %"PRREAL" for 
                  tpwgts for constraint %"PRIDX".\n", sum, i));
      return 0;

Anyway, in order to see what I would get if I put an array for tpwgts intead of null, tpwgts(:) = 1.0/nparts, which makes sum of tpwgts equal 1.0. But I got same message with 1.75 for the sum.

These are my questions
1. Did I use null() for passing arguments correctly?
2. Do I have to pass pointers for all arguments to c function? then how?
3. Is putting an integer to opts(0:39) enough for use? For example, in a post without 'interface module', simple code like options(3)=1 is used. But in the c code, options has 16 named variable like options[METIS_OPTION_NUMBERING], options[METIS_OPTION_UFACTOR]. I think some thing is necessary to set options but I have no idea. 4. Is there an example for METIS in fortran?

Any kind of hint/advice will be a great help for me. Thank you.


The problem I had was that c function couldn't recognize null pointer from fortran code.

There were some miss declations of variables in interface module(see 'Fixed' and comments)

It looks like the code works properly. But option(7) = 1 for fortran style output didn't work and now I'm looking at it.

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At a quick first glance, I noticed that the C function returns an int, but you are interfacing METIS_PartMeshNodal as a subroutine, which has no return arguments and is similar to a C void function. Should your interface not be an integer(c_int) function? – sigma Feb 6 '13 at 14:52
On the other hand, in the source I linked it is indeed a void function, but with a different signature. The best thing would be to see some actually working C code calling the routine. – Vladimir F Feb 6 '13 at 15:56
To sigma. I'm not sure the reason exactly. but refering this, c function is defined as subroutine within c binding. To Vladimir F It looks like old version. And I think I have to follow your recommend. But I simply linked the c library at this time. I have no idea how can I see what's going on C code but I'll find the way. – dave Feb 6 '13 at 17:45
To sigma I changed the subroutine to function and called the function. But the result is the same(access violation) – dave Feb 6 '13 at 18:12
  1. No, you cannot pass null(), that is a Fortran pointer constant. You must pass C_NULL_PTR from the module ISO_C_BINDING and the interface must reflect this. The dummy argument must be type(c_ptr), most probably with VALUE attribute. It may actually work because of the same internal representation, but I wouldn't count on it.

  2. No, if you pass some normal variable, you can pass it directly by reference. Just like normally in Fortran. If the interface is BIND(C), the compiler knows it must send a pointer.

    There is a new TS to update Fortran 2008, where you can define dummy arguments in the interoperable procedures as OPTIONAL. Then you can pass the null pointer just by omitting them. Gfortran should already support this.

Note: Here I can see a much different C signature of your function, are you sure yours is OK?

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Thank you for the comment. instead of null(), I re-declared the variables as type(c_ptr) and set them as c_null_ptr using iso_c_binding module in program. Itself seems not cause error. But I got another error(access visolation) and I think it has something to do with array declaration with assumed-size array, dimension(*) or something. I'll post the result soon. For the note: the meshpart.c has been modified in 2011. I guess the link contains old version of METIS. – dave Feb 6 '13 at 17:35
Dear @vladimir-f More questions> 1. From the interface, The declarations of integer type pointer and real type pointer are both type(c_ptr). Am I doing correct? 2. There are three pointers which have null, and They have 0.d0 for their value and it seems to cause an error. ex) twgts is NULL or floatordouble type array in which the sum of array elements should 1.0. But the compiler regards twgts = 0.0 and shows error message. – dave Feb 7 '13 at 6:33
This should have been an accepted answer. – dreamcrash Jul 19 '13 at 16:33

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