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I have port an Android application to BlackBerry using Android Runtime. I can install that application successfully using Eclipse. Now I want to put those deploy files ( in to a remote server and download the .bar file using a browser and install it to another BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device. I was able to download but unable to install the .bar file. What should I do?

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I believe that you are looking for an app or tool that you can run from a BB10 device itself to install the .bar file, after you've already downloaded it. There used to be a tool like this for the Playbook, but it seems to be no longer maintained and Blackberry (RIM) have blocked the method this app used to perform the install in newer version of the Playbook OS (and presumably BB10 as well).

A solution which has been reported to work by some in the Blackberry Developer forums is the Playbook App Manager as a Firefox or Chrome plugin. You can use this plugin from the browser on your PC to push the .bar to your other Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device over the network.

If that doesn't work, that leaves you only with external tools that you already know work like the Eclipse plugin, and you could also use the command line tools like blackberry-deploy or batchbar-deploy installed with the SDK.

Finally, has a tutorial on sideloading Android apps using the DDPB third party app, which requires Java and .Net (so the browser plugin tool is really preferred).

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The link you gave in the BlackBerry Developer Forum is the method I was searching for. Thank you very much. – AnujAroshA Feb 8 '13 at 9:01

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