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I am new to Chef and Ruby

I need to pass two variables to Chef on the command line and have those variables available in a recipe.

How I can capture these values and get them in Chef?

I need something like this:

before_deploy command 
  execute param1 param2
deploy{ param1/param2}

Where param1 and param2 get their values at run-time from the command-line.

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I need anything like this before_deploy command execute param1: getparam1, param2: getparam2. deploy{ param1/param2} I don´t know how I get these params from command line – Marcelino Juarez Valderrama Feb 6 '13 at 15:38
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When you provision the machine by running




you cannot provide any arguments to these commands that can be visible to recipes. Chef recipes work only with attributes. Good thing (or not so good) is that attributes can be set from many different places: roles, nodes, environments and json file.

The workaround that is nearest to your request is

  • Create a json-file on the machine
  • Pass it when running chef-client or chef-solo
  • Use attributes in the recipe

For example: apache config.

create json file: my_attrs.json

  "apache": {
    "listen_port": "81",
    "listen_path": "/myapp"

and then use them in your recipe:


Run chef-client or chef-solo with -j flag.

chef-solo -j my_attrs.json

If my_attrs.json is on some remote server, then you can provide a url.

chef-solo -j http://remote.host/path/my_attrs.json
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Thanks,this is I need. – Marcelino Juarez Valderrama Feb 7 '13 at 17:00

If your file is named example.rb

ruby example.rb argument1 argument2


ARGV.each do|a|
  puts "Argument: #{a}"


Argument: argument1
Argument: argument2
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This is actually a possible answer, i don't understand why people have downvoted this without a reason. +1 from my side. – sudhishkr Aug 13 '15 at 20:50

You can set variables inside recipes by calling commands

nodename = `cat /etc/chef/client.rb | grep "node_name" | sed -e 's/\<node_name\>//g' | sed '/^$/d;s/[[:blank:]]//g' | sed 's/\"//g'`

And then use the variable for other chef blocks

execute "echo nodename for node #{nodename}"
 command "echo #{nodename}"
 action :run
 only_if {nodename == "node1"}

This will get the node.name attribute from the client.rb file without asking for it to the chef server.

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