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I want to add Icon on a ListItem type which is in LI, How to add this at run time programmatically.

<ul data-dojo-type="" class="resultList">
    <li data-dojo-type="" data-dojo-props='moveTo:"addAPatientView", icon: "mblDomButtonDarkBlueCheck"'>
        <div class="ListItemTitle">Patient</div>
        <div class="ListItemSubTitle">Complete the new patient profile</div>

"dojox/mobile/Icon"], function (ready, Icon) {

Code is written JSfiddle it may not display icon in JSfiddle.

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I forked and updated your fiddle. In your fiddle, you were not parsing the widgets.

The documentation uses a stylesheet, so I added the stylesheet. The icon css class you were using was not in that css, so i changed it.

I also demonstrated how to programatically change the icon.

  "dojox/mobile/Icon", "dojox/mobile/RoundRectList", "dojox/mobile/ListItem"], 
function (ready, registry, parser, Icon) {

    ready(100, function(){

        // change the icon programatically in 5 seconds
            var li = registry.byId("listItem");
            li.set('icon', 'mblDomButtonRedCircleMinus');
        }, 5000);
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