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I have 2 tables, CARS and ORDERS.

Both have a mileage column, but the ORDERS table mileage column is blank on most rows.

I'd like to update the ORDERS.mileage with CARS.mileage. They are linked by a Vrm column.

Can someone help me with this query?

UPDATE orders
SET Mileage = (SELECT *
FROM `orders`
JOIN cars ON orders.Vrm = cars.Vrm
WHERE orders.mileage = '')
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Use a JOIN in the UPDATE's FROM clause, rather than trying to use a subquery. Otherwise, you basically have the right idea.

  JOIN CARS ON orders.Vrm = cars.VRM
SET orders.Mileage = cars.mileage
WHERE orders.mileage = ''
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Thanks! I'm trying to run this in phpmyadmin on my machine (wamp) and it just says loading forever! Any way I can see the bottle neck? –  James Wilson Feb 6 '13 at 14:58
@JamesWilson I had a typo in the ON clause, but that should just die outright. How many rows are you updating? Also, I added SET orders.Mileage = cars.mileate, whereas it started with SET Mileage = cars.mileage without the orders identifier. –  Michael Berkowski Feb 6 '13 at 15:06
Yeah I fixed all of those. There are 35 rows that need updating that have no mileage. There are 73000 rows in orders –  James Wilson Feb 6 '13 at 15:10
@JamesWilson Do a SELECT version of this to see how long that takes. SELECT orders.*, cars.* FROM orders JOIN cars ON orders.Vrm = cars.Vrm WHERE orders.mileage = '' Any bottleneck would be either in orders.mileage lacking an index, or either orders.Vrm, cars.Vrm lacking an index. Still, 73k isn't all that many rows. –  Michael Berkowski Feb 6 '13 at 15:11
Showing rows 0 - 29 ( 35 total, Query took 4.3036 sec) –  James Wilson Feb 6 '13 at 15:28

Query 1:

UPDATE orders
SET Mileage = (SELECT c.mileage
               FROM cars c 
               WHERE orders.Vrm = c.Vrm)
WHERE o.mileage = ''

Query 2:

UPDATE orders o
JOIN cars c ON o.Vrm = c.Vrm 
SET o.Mileage = c.mileage
WHERE o.mileage = ''

Some sqlfidleexample

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According MySQL documentation, you should use this:

UPDATE orders, cars
SET orders.Mileage = cars.mileage
WHERE orders.Vrm = cars.Vrm AND orders.mileage = ''
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