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I would like to convert the following erb code into slim.

<% begin %>
  <%= some_function %>
<% rescue Exception %>
  <%= some_other_function %>
<% end%>

My approach is:

- begin 
  = some_function
- rescue Exception 
  = some_other_function

But that gives an error:

index.slim:34: syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting $end

How do I rescue exceptions properly using slim?

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You need to make a Helper.

It's in that helper that you should put begin/rescue logic.

# my_helper.rb
class MyHelper
  def my_func

# slim view
= my_func
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Luckily this is not necessary anymore, see answer below. –  MoMolog Jul 8 '13 at 13:18
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This was actually a bug in slim and is fixed in slim 1.3.7 upwards (https://github.com/slim-template/slim/commit/e4df090c2c82c3563bcc4e625cbd6ab55a60caf8)

The syntax now works exactly as expected. No helper method nor indenting is necessary.

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