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I'm trying to get my App to work again on the simulator as well as on my device. Before I got this error, I went through an odyssee of XCode signing errors, but right know it seems like I'm really stuck.

The error:

When I try to launch the App on a device, it builds without any errors, but after installing the app I get the error message:

Could not launch "APP_X_Y" - 'A' packet returned an error: -1

Unfortunately I cannot use the Simulator either - it gets stuck at "Attaching to APP_X_Y". You can also take a look at the simulator problem over here - but there is no final solution out there.

What I've done so far:

After different XCode Errors I went through the following Stackoverflow questions, each helping me out with to get to the next level.

  1. xCode: failed to get the task for process
  2. Profile bug (Error launching remote program: failed to get the task for process XXX.)
  3. Code Sign error: Provisioning profile can't be found
  4. Provisioning Profile "Team" is "Unknown"

In the last step, however I think things got really screwed up: XCode wasn't able to find the provisioning profile anymore, that's why I've deleted my provisioning profile string in my project file, like it is recommended over here: Codesign error: Provisioning profile cannot be found after deleting expired profile

Know I'm struggling with the packet returned -1 error and I cannot find any input out here. Has anyone an idea how to get this to work again?

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If you create a new project from scratch, can this new project connect to the simulator? In that case I suggest just moving over the existing code and settings to a fresh project. I've had to resort to this at least once that I can remember because something fishy had gone wrong with the XCode project file.

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Not exactly what I was looking for, but it works... Another way to solve this issue would be a roll back to an older working project file. – Chris Conway Feb 19 '13 at 13:28
Yea well, I agree it's not a pretty solution, but it's at least pretty simple and you get the bonus of knowing your project isn't filled up with gunk from previous versions... – boxed Feb 20 '13 at 19:57

Got the same error when attempting to deploy an application to the third of three connected devices.

All I had to do was quit XCode and restart it and then it worked fine again.

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Had the same error. Cleaned build folder, emptied derived data folder, deleted app from device, restarted xcode and it worked again.

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Worked for me too. Much easier than recreating the project. – SSteve Mar 21 '13 at 2:52

None of the other answers helped me.. I wasn't able to launch ANY apps in Xcode 5 until I uncluttered my /etc/hosts file - leaving just the basics...

::1                     localhost               localhost         broadcasthost
fe80::1%lo0             localhost    

You must edit the file as root, btw... sudo nano /etc/hosts

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