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I have an ExpandableListView and perform some actions when a group is expanded:

public void onGroupExpanded(int groupPosition) {
    p = (RelativeLayout)activity.findViewById(R.id.pers);
    ExpandableListView elw = (ExpandableListView) activity

    if (groupPosition != lastExpandedGroupPosition) {
    lastExpandedGroupPosition = groupPosition;


I need to set the RelativeLayout visible when ALL groups are collapsed (or when no group is expanded). How can I detect that all groups are currently collapsed?

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You have two equivalent options:

  1. Implement ExpandableListAdapter methods: onGroupCollapsed(int groupPosition) and onGroupExpanded(int groupPosition) of your ExandableListView's adapter.

  2. Add custom OnGroupCollapseListener and OnGroupExpandListener and attach them to the expandable list view via setOnGroupCollapseListener() and setOnGroupExpandListener() respectively.

In both of these options what you basically want to do is to track what groups are currently expanded. A good way would be to keep them as a Set<Integer>. When a group is collapsed you remove its ID from this set. Similarly when a group is expanded you add its ID to this set. After each add/remove you check the size of the set. If it's empty then all groups are collapsed. If not - some group is expanded.

As far as I know, there is not direct method of finding out which groups are expanded/collapsed.

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Actually, I think you can check whether or not a group is expanded using isGroupExpanded(int groupPosition) which is called on the ExpandableListView. But I agree, you should implement a listener and track the open groups in a list rather on iterating through the entire list and checking if each group is expanded/collapsed. –  Gophermofur Feb 6 '13 at 16:02
of course, I know, but you have to iterate over all the IDs every time, which for me is an overkill :) –  andr Feb 6 '13 at 16:05

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