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I'm using tmux with iTerm2.

Clear screen using Ctrl-L works when i'm in bash, but does not work when i'm tailing server logs. How do i fix this?

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You can clear the current buffer using send-keys -R but keep in mind that the application running inside that buffer will not notice that the buffer contents have been wiped.


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i did this: bind l send-keys -R; display "Cleared" – phoet Feb 5 '14 at 18:56

Ctrl-L is bound to a readline command. However, while you are running the command that tails your log, bash is not receiving keyboard input. You could suspend the tail with Ctrl-Z, clear the screen with Ctrl-L, and resume the tail with fg.

This is independent of tmux; I don't think tmux has anything like a clear-pane command, instead relying on the shell to handle that for you.

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This one is the last thing/feature that I am too missing. Is it still not possible to this day? – Millisami Apr 27 '13 at 18:02

In OSX (Terminal and I believe iTerm2), CMD+K clears and removes scrollback but I'm not sure this works when tailing or in tmux.

A couple of links may have your answer:

Also, @chepner suggested suspending the command and this gave me the idea to add it as a key binding (note: I've tested this on Linux but I don't have OSX. The first link seems to indicate clear-history may work):

bind-key -n C-l send-keys C-z \; send-keys " reset && fg > /dev/null" \; send-keys "Enter"

Add this to your ~/.tmux.conf then you can do CTRL+l and that will send the required keys and commands to the terminal to automate it.

reset && fg is prefixed with a space to exclude it from history.

The > /dev/null stops the original tail command being displayed but this might be useful so could be removed if you want to see it after clearing.

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Cmd+k doesn't do it in tmux, but the binding does. Thanks! – Jamie Schembri Jul 24 at 9:08

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