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I have a codeigniter site and i want to store the following files via appcache: jquery.js, style.css and offline.html (fallback).

So, naturally, manifest file looks like the one below. my manifest file is called, well, manifest.appcache.




/ /offline.html

i open my site and i do see that the .js, .css and .html files are downloaded. but then i see that the page http://mysite.com/home (default route in codeigniter) is also download. what gives? i did not include this in my manifest file.

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figured it out. i cleared all my browser cache and i cached the login page instead. i read the documentation and it fails to say that wherever you include your appcache becomes that master file and it will ALWAYS be cached. –  Marv Ferrer Feb 7 '13 at 17:12

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This is from w3 standard documentation: Any page with a manifest attribute in the HTML element will be cached, even if not included in the manifest file even if included in NETWORK:

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