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I need to write a xml vtk file with python. Specifically in a StructuredGrid. I have the coordinata of x, y, z axis and the value of x,y,z components for every point in the space. How can i write this file?

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(edit) You can do that through this function (in python)

def writeVtkStructuredGrid(StructuredGrid, file_name):
    StructuredGrid  : StructuredGrid input object
    file_name   : output xml path file (example: 'out.vtp')

    sg = vtkXMLStructuredGridWriter()

the documentation about vtkXMLPolyDataWriter object is in: vtkXMLPolyDataWriter class reference

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He is referring to a vtkStructuredGrid file and not a vtkPolyData file. I dont't think he has a vtkStructuredGrid built yet and needs to do that from his current data. –  andybauer Feb 7 '13 at 19:06

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