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My SQL knowledge is quite limited so please do bear with me!

I am trying to return rows in one table based on one of the fields NOT matching a field in another table.

One of my tables has a url and site field, say table A. The other table lists some sites, using the name of the site, table B.

e.g. table A's url field may be 'http://google.it/aaa', its name field is 'google'

In table B I have a list of sites stored under a 'site' and 'name' field. Examples below:

One entry: Site google.co.uk

Name google

Another entry: Site google.fr

Name google

A third entry: Site bing.com

Name bing

I want to return the values in table A where the url field does not match a 'site' field in table B. To do this I need to use the 'name' field in table A to look up the 'site' value in table B - if there is no match I want the entries returned. So in this case my url is 'http://google.it/aaa' so when it checks if there's an entry for google.it in table B it wouldn't find anything and therefore return it.

I am using MySQL db and these two tables are in different schemas. I have tried with some SQL and here's what I come up with:

SELECT tablea.url, tablea.name FROM schema1.tablea inner JOIN schema2.tableb ON tablea.url NOT LIKE ('%' || tableb.site || '%')

Thanks in advance

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Instead of laying out sample data as you have done there, it can be more useful if you create an example at sqlfiddle.com and post the link here. –  Tobsey Feb 6 '13 at 16:14

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You want to use EXISTS and NOT EXISTS:

        tablea.name = tableb.name)
        tablea.name = tableb.name
    AND tablea.url LIKE ('%' || tableb.site || '%'))

This will give you all rows in tablea where there exists a row in tableb with the same name, but no row in tableb exists that has the same name and whose site contains the url from tablea.

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Thank you Tobsey, that was very helpful. I forgot to add that I don't want to return links where the tablea.name is NOT IN tableb (name) - so I want to return url mismatches but the name field must be in table b. I tried modifying the final line but it didn't work: and tablea.name=tableb.name –  user2047498 Feb 6 '13 at 16:27
@user2047498 I've updated the query base don your comments. I think that's right. As I said above look at using sqlfiddle to create examples because it makes it much easier to see what you are trying to do, and also for people to test their answers before posting them here. –  Tobsey Feb 7 '13 at 10:33

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