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Is it possible to open the default Media Player in Windows Phone 8, from a browser's url, using some kind of scheme? I would also like to know If there are other ways to open the media player from the browser.


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There's nothing documented on MSDN as a registered URI scheme for the launching default media player.

As per this MSDN page about file type associations if you try and link to a .MP3 or .AAC file or other audio or video file it will launch the media player and play the file you point to.

Also it states:

Sometimes Internet Explorer overrides file associations: it launches the built-in media player to handle all music and video file types. Specifically, any file that has an audio/ or video/ content type. For example, your app can handle a (non-reserved) music and video file when it is launched from an email attachment. But if the same file is launched from Internet Explorer, the built-in media player will handle the file.

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