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I'm working on an app in Mac OS X Mountain Lion that needs to access the private key of some of my certificates within the Keychain Access. Since this app is going to run on a server, I need to avoid the pop up dialog that requires the user to allow the app to access the private key:

Pop up dialog

I know that by clicking "Always Allow" the dialog won't popup anymore for that private key, the problem is that I will be working with different keys.

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The only way I found to solve this is by setting up the Private Key in the Keychain Access to "Allow all applications to access this item".

Private Key Properties: Access Control

You can configure this from the Terminal when you import the certificate into your Keychain.

Import command: import inputfile [-k keychain] [-t type] [-f format] [-w] [-P passphrase] [options...]

To set the access control to "Allow all applications to access this item", just add the flag "-A".

You can check always Apple's manual on security

Hope this helps.

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You can also specify single applications allowed to use the key instead of all applications by using the -T flag on security import. For example: security import my_input_file -T /usr/bin/codesign . You can use multiple -T flags to specify multiple programs. This information can also be found on Apple's manual on security, linked in your answer. –  Mark Jul 25 '13 at 23:50

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