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I have the following anchors in my html template:

<a href="<?!= ScriptApp.getService().getUrl() ?>"><button>All Feedback</button></a>
<a href="<?!= ScriptApp.getService().getUrl()+"&filter=bomgar" ?>"><button>Bomgar Feedback</button></a>
<a href="<?!= ScriptApp.getService().getUrl()+"&filter=tickets" ?>"><button>Ticket Feedback</button></a>

When navigating to the links with parameters, the "&" and "=" symbols are %26 and %3d in the url. Is there a way to prevent this from happening ?


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To add GET parameters to a URL, you should use the ? character to introduce them (instead of the & character). The ampersand is used to add multiple variables. So your URL should look like this.


So since you didn't have the ?, the URL was sanitized to eliminate those characters.

This web app that I made illustrates the difference.

<a href="<?= ScriptApp.getService().getUrl()+"?filter=bomgar" ?>"><button>Bomgar Feedback</button></a>
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