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I am trying to clean up after failed installs from ports of Emacs 21 and Emacs 23 as well as Git. I was trying to install Emacs and Git on an OpenBSD v5.2 install on a DEC VaxStation 4000 model 90. It has a staggering 32 megs of RAM and a 2.1 gig hard drive, very high end for 1991 but all this now seems puny; so yes every last megabyte of hard drive space does matter on this hard drive which is now already 72% full.

My attempts at the installs using make install within the appropriate directory of the /usr/ports tree have failed. I did run make clean after each failed compilation and have also checked /tmp and it is largely empty. OpenBSD seems to also flush /tmp with each reboot. The hard drive capacity does however seem to shrink with each failed program compilation so I am probably accumulating some programs or tarballs or cruft with each attempted installation.

The programs in question are not available as binary packages for the VAX architecture.

How do I clean up after failed ports compilations in this scenario?

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Run rm -rf /usr/ports/pobj.

Check also the directory packages within /usr/ports.

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