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We are trying to improve our partitions and mount points while migrating a new (Proxmox PVE 2) server by splitting some partitions in order to improve mount points with specific parameters (as noatime,data=writeback,barrier=0,nobh and others) for web files, mysql, etc We currently only use OpenVZ containers that share data partitions via bind mounts from the host. This is a data dir is mounted from the hosts /data/xxxx dir. That /data partition has the specific parameters assigned.

I am uncertain if:

  • bind mounts on containers inherit whatever mounting specifications of this type or need to be reassigned on the VIDXXX.mount file?

  • I am aware there is a vzctl param to force it via command line... "vzctl set veid --noatime yes --save" but are there any other form (via conf files) to include the "noatime" or other mount options for the VM root itself, or they would be inherited also from the /var/lib/vz/ mount options

  • are there are any issues as far as PVE itself if the system root partition includes params such as noatime?

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If you want to add mount options like noatime, you can add the -o switch to the mount line, e.g. as follows:

. /etc/vz/vz.conf

if [ ! -e ${VE_ROOT}${DST} ]; then mkdir -p ${VE_ROOT}${DST}; fi
mount -o noatime -n -t simfs ${SRC} ${VE_ROOT}${DST} -o ${SRC}

Make the script executable...

chmod +x /etc/vz/conf/101.mount
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