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I'm wondering is it possible to send an Outlook poll email (with voting buttons) using a PHP script.

After some research I found threads about TNEF which allows emails to contain polls on Outlook and other threads about the buttons being in the header of the email and then being decrypted by Outlook.

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Why don't you just send a link to your poll in the email and put it on your webserver? Outlook is not going to execute PHP code. – thatidiotguy Feb 6 '13 at 16:44
It's because the corporation that wants that service is based on Outlook and wants tools to adjust to Outlook not the opposite :) – Vincent Kelleher Feb 6 '13 at 16:46
Is it more than one question? – thatidiotguy Feb 6 '13 at 16:47
What do you mean ? – Vincent Kelleher Feb 6 '13 at 20:49
Is there more than one poll question? – thatidiotguy Feb 6 '13 at 20:49

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