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I have a CMAKE project, and I am using pcap. in my cmake file I have the following:

target_link_libraries(mylib pcap)

and installed on my system i have the following

in /usr/lib

/usr/lib/ -> /usr/local/lib/

in /usr/local/lib

/usr/local/lib/ -> /usr/local/lib/

yet when I build my code, and run ldd on the executable, I get => not found

so the question is where is the reference to coming from, and how can i fix it? Whether it be changing something in my cmake setup, or on the system.

edit: I did a find on my system, and is definitely nowhere else on the system either

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A possible solution to this issue may be the following:

  1. Set PCAP_LIBRARIES to the list of libraries you want to link (I suggest absolute path)
  2. Set PCAP_LIBRARIES_DIR to a column separated list of directories where the libraries reside
  3. Set the libraries you want to link

    target_link_libraries( mylib ${PCAP_LIBRARIES} )

  4. Set target properties accordingly


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