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I realize there are a few posts on this already but most of the libraries that are mentioned are at least a year old (and don't have a lot of features such as attachment support, checking bouncebacks, etc).

Does anybody know the best library for Node.js to use Amazon SES that is maintained?


  • node-amazon-ses No attachment support; no callback for if the send for successful. But it does have
    • DeleteVerifiedEmailAddress
    • GetSendQuota
    • GetSendStatistics
    • ListVerifiedEmailAddresses
    • SendEmail
    • VerifyEmailAddress
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The AWS SDK for Node.js supports SES.

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Nice find! Definitely nice that it's straight from Amazon. But I can't seem to figure out how to attach file:… – Toli Zaslavskiy Feb 6 '13 at 21:56

Another option is the node mailer module which can be used with SES:

Here is an example with SES and attachments:

Not really a full featured SES library, but does make sending to ses with attachments simpler.

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