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template<class T> class CRevList
//...constructor, destructor, etc;
  class Node //nested class   
   friend class CRevList;

    Node() {m_next = 0;  m_prev = 0;}
    Node(const T &t) {m_payload = t;  m_next = 0;  m_prev = 0;}

    T Data() {return m_payload;}
    const T Data() const {return m_payload;}


      Node    *m_next;
      Node    *m_prev;
      T       m_payload;
private: //for original class
  Node    *m_head, *m_tail;             // Head node
  unsigned size;

I've made many attempts to get the payload of the nodes from original doubly linked class unfortunately I get errors. most like:

       error: request for member 'Data' in 'Temp1', which is of non-class type 'CRevList<int>::Node*'

I must be messing something up with pointers or relationships between the two classes.

I've tried:

  //Find a node with the specified key
  const Node *Find(const T &t) const {  }
  Node *Find(const T &t) {
    Node * Temp1 = m_head;

    while(m_tail != Temp1){
            if(Temp1.Data() == t){
                    return Temp1;

            Temp1 = Temp1->m_next;
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Along with timrau's answer below, you're probably going to want to change that const T Data() const to be const T& Data() const. – WhozCraig Feb 6 '13 at 18:41
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Temp1 is of type Node *. Thus, you should call Temp1->Data() instead of Temp1.Data().

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Wow I feel silly. I've had this error before, too. Thanks for pointing it out to me. what is -> called? – tausch86 Feb 6 '13 at 17:52

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