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I have inherited some code that uses Microsoft Exchange Web service but does not compile. I downloaded the latest SDK and imported the Microsoft.Echange.WevbService.dll in the project , then referenced it

using Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data;

but the code still does not compile. All classes belonging to this namespace are not resolved and I keep getting errors.

Is there any workaround that? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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For SDK v1.2 set Target Framework .NET 3.5 (normal, not "client profile") For v.2.0 => .NET 4.0

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EWS used to come in two flavors 32 and 64 bit. I surmise the old code was 32....

Here is an article on my blog on getting it to run: C#: Getting All Emails From Exchange using Exchange Web Services. Unfortunately my link on my blog works, but drops one into a general MS Download area now.

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