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I have data like this

productid  cost
prant      6.70
prant       0
prant       7.0
gant        8.7
gant        0.1
gant        4.5

how can i flatten them into one result as "prant 13.70 gant 13.3" in Linq To sql

My linq query gives me two rows


prant 13.7
gant  13.3


from c in test
group new {c}
by new {
} into g
select new
    ProductIdandAmount = g.Key.productid +  g.Sum(p => p.c.cost)

can someone help me out


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You've implement map, now you need to implement reduce:

var query = from c in test ...

var summary = string.Join(" ", query.ToArray());
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Error:The best overloaded method match for 'string.Join(string, string[])' has some invalid arguments,

Argument '2': cannot convert from 'AnonymousType#1[]' to 'string[]' i tried the code you gave me give me two errors....

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