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I think in server that I'm working, magic_quotes are active and when receive a json from jquery.ajax I do this:

alcancesP = stripslashes($_POST['alcances']);

After I decode alcancesP:

$dataAlcances = json_decode(alcancesP,true);

But when I pass $dataAlcances to foreach, '\' disapear but T and N don't.

This is alcances Post

alcances    [{"marca":"4","marcatxt":"\n\t\tCitrix\t\t\t","producto":"2","productotxt":"Networking","subproducto":"2","subproductotxt":"Netscaler"},{"marca":"8","marcatxt":"\n\t\tCoca Cola Company\t\t\t","producto":"8","productotxt":"Del Valle","subproducto":"5","subproductotxt":"Valle Frut"}]

And when I save this data in a table, insert like this:

nttCitrixttt             |     Networking     |    Netscaler
nttCoca Cola Companyttt  |    Del Valle       |    Valle Frut

I want remove N and T to save correctly.

Unfortunately I have no access to the server to modify the php.ini and disable magic quotes.

I hope can help me. Thanks in advance.

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Why are you stripslashesing? – Waleed Khan Feb 6 '13 at 18:07
Because if don't apply stripslashes, when decode json, doesn't work, only in server but in local work without problem if don't apply stripslashes – SoldierCorp Feb 6 '13 at 18:10

Use str_replace

$str = str_replace(array('\t','\n'),'',$str);

Or preg_replace

$str = preg_replace('/(\\\\n|\\\\t)/', '', $str);
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