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I have a list of stories assigned to me in Cucumber, one of them being "Then the user should receive a confirmation email". I think testing that the user receives it is beyond the power of the application, but how can I test that an email had just been sent?

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You can use this step definition :

Then "the user should receive a confirmation email" do
  # this will get the first email, so we can check the email headers and body.
  email = ActionMailer::Base.deliveries.first
  email.from.should == "admin@example.com"
  email.to.should == @user.email
  email.body.should include("some key word or something....")

Tested with Rails 3.2


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This one is nice too : stevelorek.com/actionmailer-cucumber.html – ouranos Apr 2 '13 at 0:59

email_spec + action_mailer_cache_delivery gems are your friends for doing this

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I would suggest you to verify the last_response after some action ocurrs, like, a user click on a button, or something like that.

Or if you are updating a record after doing something, check for the updated_at attribute to see if it was changed or not.

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Check dockyard/capybara-email gem:

feature 'Emailer' do
  background do
    # will clear the message queue
    visit email_trigger_path
    # Will find an email sent to test@example.com
    # and set `current_email`

  scenario 'following a link' do
    current_email.click_link 'your profile'
    expect(page).to have_content 'Profile page'

  scenario 'testing for content' do
    expect(current_email).to have_content 'Hello Joe!'

  scenario 'testing for a custom header' do
    expect(current_email.headers).to include 'header-key'

  scenario 'testing for a custom header value' do
    expect(current_email.header('header-key')).to eq 'header_value'

  scenario 'view the email body in your browser' do
    # the `launchy` gem is required
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Another option is PutsBox. You can send an email to whatever-you-want@putsbox.com, wait for a few seconds (SMTP stuff ins't instantaneous) then check your email via http://preview.putsbox.com/p/whatever-you-want/last.

This post tutorial has some examples.

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