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Is it possible set a rule that will allow an Xpand method to output a specified string of text depending on the input. For example:

«FOR a:e.attributes»
 Type = «a.eClass.name»
 Value = «a.name.toFirstUpper»


The above code may output:

Type = StringAttribute
Value = String1

Type = IntegerAttribute
Value = 123

How would I make this output:

Type = String
Value = String1

Type = int
Value = 123

I know this can be done with if statements but I would like to be able it to be more or less automatic. It would be a waste to have to specify such rules every time I need to output these details in the same file. Could someone show me what kind of code I could use to achieve this? Thank you.

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I suggest that you create a reusable Xtend helper

toSimpleName(String inp):
    switch (inp) {
        case "StringAttribute"  : "String"
        case "IntegerAttribute" : "int"
        // ...more cases here...
        default                 : inp

and then call it from your Xpand template like this:

«FOR a:e.attributes»
 Type = «a.eClass.name.toSimpleName()»
 Value = «a.name.toFirstUpper»

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Thank you very much. Not as difficult as I expected. Although I had to change the code a little to make it valid in Xtend: def toJavaType(String inp){ switch (inp) { case "NumberAttribute" : "String" case "StringAttribute" : "int" default : "" } } – Charles Henry Feb 16 '13 at 22:59

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